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Note: Disney's VMK - Virtual Magic Kingdom - is now closed. Those who entered its magical gates remember what a very special place this was. These designs will be left up for those, including myself and my family, who still wish to remeneisse and hope someday the virtual park may return.

What is Disney's VMK? If you don't yet know - You don't know what you're missing! It is Disney's latest online creation. VMK stands for Virtual Magic Kingdom, and it pretty much sums up what the site is all about. Visit your favorite familiar Disney Park sites, play interactive games, go on quests and collect cool virtual items to trade with new friends. You can create your own rooms, games and even rides.

Build your own cool rooms for people to visit in.
Go on a quest to collect special items to trade
with others or play games for points to buy great
stuff to fill your rooms with.

Be the DJ at the street dance party. Mix your own tunes.

Visit VMK now to begin your adventure.